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Thailand Sailing Trip

Proposed dates: Summer or Fall 2015

Yacht: Large, wide, and comfortable Yacjtem 52' - five double cabins and three bathrooms (each with a shower). The yacht comes equipped with a dinghy to penetrate islands during stops, a ladder to descend into the water, and comfortable living room with built-in windows.

Captains: Captain Maciej Gula and Captain Kaz Bilyk.

Trip Highlights

Vacation on yacht - Thailand 2015 Vacation on yacht - Thailand


Thailand Thailand is located in the Southeast Asia, bordering with Laos and Cambodia to the east, Malaysia to the south, and Burma (Myanmar) to the north.
The largest island is Phuket (542 km2), then Koh Samui (280 km2), and Phangan (168 km2) in the Gulf of Thailand.

Some facts:

Sailing Training

During the cruise we will provide training for the officers and crew: After the cruise each participant will receive feedback from the captain, with details about route, visited ports, and hours.

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